Laser treatment

By investing in the most technologically advanced lasers available, Aesthetic Allure℠ can offer you individualized treatments and visible results. After each visit, you will see a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

After studying and testing many types of laser technologies, we have chosen to employ Candela's Gentle LASE, and Cynosure’s Elite. We have chosen these lasers because, they offer the best in sophisticated technology, safety and efficiency.

At Aesthetic Allure℠ & Laser Hair Removal center we provide laser treatments such as: laser hair removal, laser facials (treatment for sun-damaged skin), and laser skin tightening (genesis), along with a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Our laser technicians have years of experience specializing in the latest technology and methods of laser treatments. We offer FDA-approved laser cosmetic procedures for women and men of all skin types.

Consultations are essential to a well informed decision and an accurate price estimate. Reading and researching may be confusing and time consuming. With our free consultation, you can ask us any questions you may have and undergo a quick and easy patch test, with no obligation of any kind!

All of our services are aimed at improving your skin appearance. Please contact our office to schedule your initial free consultation, where our professional staff will discuss your desired procedure in detail and will answer all of your questions in depth.

  • Luxury lasers and skin treatments
  • Unmatched results
  • Superior technology
  • Specializing in fair to dark skin types
  • Safe, Fast, Effective
  • Best Prices

FAQ about laser hair removal

Elite Gentle Lase