Acne Treatment for Teens: Types, Benefits, Side-effects and More


Acne Treatment for Teens: Types, Benefits, Side-effects and More

Acne Treatment for Teens: Types, Benefits, Side-effects and More

November 05, 2021

Just about everyone experiences some amount of acne during their teenage years. For some, the problem may be so mild that they have to do little in order to get through this period. Others will find that the acne is severe enough to trigger all sorts of issues, including feeling uncomfortable in social situations.

Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to consider undergoing some kind of professional acne treatment for teens. This approach can provide a number of benefits that are hard to achieve any other way. Here are some basics that you should know about teen acne, the treatment options, and what to expect if you do choose to see a skin care specialist.

What Causes Acne in Teens and Pre-Teens?

The underlying cause of acne is typically associated with overactive oil glands that produce more than a healthy amount of oil. That excess oil creates the perfect environment for the collection of dead skin cells, grime, and bacteria in the pores. While the problem can occur anywhere on the body, teenagers are most likely to see the problem develop on the face.

To some degree, acne tends to be associated with the physical development of teenagers as they mature on the way to adulthood. The general idea is that hormonal changes and the onset of puberty is one of the facts that promotes the excessive oil production. While this is disputed by some experts, there can be no doubt that teenagers and those who are about to enter their teens are more likely to develop acne.

So how can a 13 year old get rid of acne? The removal of the excess oil and the collection of dead skin cells, bacteria, and grime from the pores is a major factor. Getting rid of these contaminants makes it possible for the skin to heal and the acne to go away. What remains is to determine the best method for managing the cleaning and easing the inflammation that comes with acne.

The Problem of Acne for Teenage Males

Teenagers of different genders share some of the issues that come with acne. Other issues may be more gender specific. It’s not so much the acne itself, but the way that the presence of acne impacts a young person who is already dealing with issues related to self confidence, social awkwardness, and developing into adults.

For boys, the presence of acne can be something of a social stigma. It has a way of inhibiting the young male in terms of attempting to interact with others. That’s because of the way that acne impacts the appearance. If the condition is bad enough, the boy may choose to refrain from certain social activities, up to and including asking anyone out for a date.

Employing the best acne treatment for teen boys can help minimize issues like this. While getting rid of the acne is not a solution for everything the teenage male faces, it does remove a major obstacle and makes it a little easier to navigate those years.

How Acne Impacts Teenage Females

Teenage girls also deal with issues related to the presence of acne. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may be partially hidden by the use of makeup. Even so, that can create additional issues if the makeup tends to further clog the pores. At some point, the makeup may do little to disguise the presence of acne.

Acne may also cause the young lady to be less inclined to participate in social activities. Even when asked out, she may decline. The reasoning may be that the acne prevents her from being as presentable as she believes is necessary. The result is that she misses out on chances to get to know more people and further refine her social skills. She may also find that her sense of self-worth is adversely affected because of how she believes others perceive her.

The bottom line is that acne is not the friend of any teenager. It must be treated and controlled in order to prevent problems that may last well into adulthood. Seeking out and making use of the top acne treatment for teens is the first step in doing just that.

Why Home Methods are Less Effective

One look around the pharmacy or online is all it takes to confirm there is no shortage of home treatments for acne. Some of them involve home remedies that are based on the use of products typically found in the house. Others are specialized creams, salves, washes, and other products that are said to clear the pores and remove the reason for the acne.

While there may be some success with these home methods, they are not the most effective approach. That’s because the amount of active ingredients in those products may not be that high. The result is that they may do fairly well for mild cases, but they will not accomplish a great deal when it comes to resolving severe outbreaks.

For a teenager who has tried one of these products or folk remedies and found them wanting, there may be some despair of getting rid of the acne. It’s important to know there are more comprehensive treatments offered that can succeed where the others have failed. There’s no doubt that the best acne treatment for teens is found with skin care specialists like dermatologists.

The Pros of Seeking Professional Acne Treatment

What is it that makes professional acne treatment so much better than what can be done at home? There are several factors that make this solution capable of producing results when other methods accomplish little or nothing.

One has do to with the fact that the treatments are determined based on the specific needs of the patient. A skin care specialist will examine the teenager and assess the severity of the acne. This is important, since the assessment also helps to identify any secondary factors that may be complicating the situation.

Thanks to the assessment results, it’s possible to establish a profile for the treatment series. That’s gone over with the patient and often with a parent or guardian as well. The goal is to develop a plan that includes specifics that the teen can do at home as well as treatments that will take place in a spa or clinic setting. This combination is likely to produce better results.

Another benefit of seeking professional treatment is that the results are likely to appear in less time. This is a big thing for a teenager, especially one who feels inhibited by the presence of the acne. Depending on the severity of the situation, improvement may be seen in as little as a week. Ongoing treatments at home and at the spa help to ensure the momentum is not lost. Ultimately, the acne is gone and the teenager feels better about his or her appearance.

When it comes to deciding what is the best treatment for teenage acne, that’s something best left to a professional The guesswork is taken out of the process, and there’s someone on hand who can monitor the effects of the treatments at all times. The result is that the patient gets the benefits while not having to deal with any ill effects.

Treatments Under the Care of a Professional

In order for treatments to work properly, it’s important for patients to follow the recommendations of the skin care specialists to the letter. That involves more than showing up for treatments at the spa on time every time. It also means following any strategies recommended for home use. Without the combination, the outcome is less likely to be the best.

What can a dermatologist do for teenage acne? Quite a bit, as long as the products prescribed for home use are employed as directed. When coupled with the treatments administered under the direct care of the specialist, there’s a good chance the acne will be gone soon. Even better, there will be no blemishes left that serve as reminders of how bad the acne was just a short time ago.

How do you get rid of teenage acne? The answer is by using the right methods. While you can try remedies recommended for home use, they may or may not produce much in the way of results. Based on the teen’s skin type, some of them may do more harm than good. The only real solution is to see a specialist, design a course of treatment that’s right for the teen, and then follow it to the letter. Doing so will yield better results and also help minimize the potential for pocking, scarring, and other issues that can result from teenage acne.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation. Talk with us about the acne treatment solutions we have to offer and what they could do for you. When you know more about them, it will be easy to decide to give them a try.