Men's Laser Hair Removal

Men's Laser
Hair Removal


Times have changed, and we have seen a growing demand for laser hair removal among men simply by doing their own research and having their own desire.

Here at Aesthetic Allure in New York City, we have seen a growing client base of male clients over the years who have seen the results and effectiveness of our laser hair removal and are extremely satisfied.


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Save MONEY! No more money spent on waxing treatments or shaving supplies

Permanently Reduces Hair

Permanently Reduces Hair Truly effective laser hair removal

Treats Ingrown Hairs

Treats Ingrown Hairs Treats and Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Easier Grooming

Easier Grooming Save time grooming and shaving

Evens Out Baldness

Evens Out Baldness Remove unwanted hair for even baldness

Reduces Hair Thickenss

Reduces Hair Thickenss Less hair equals less irritation

How Does Laser Hair Removal for Men Work?

Women are not the only ones booking multiple laser hair removal sessions nowadays. Laser Hair Removal for men has become extremely popular and trendy because it saves men time and allows the permanent removal of hair in hard-to-reach areas such as the back and shoulders. 

Laser Hair Removal treatments for men involve the use of laser light technology and converting it into heat to target the hair follicle. When laser light energy pulses are directed onto an area of unwanted hair, the melanin, which gives your hair and skin color, absorbs the laser light energy and converts it into heat. The heat then travels down the hair into the follicle, damaging the follicle and preventing it from producing hair. Once the root and follicle are destroyed, hair can no longer grow and the result is permanent hair reduction for men. 


Difference Between Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women?

There is absolutely no difference between laser hair removal for men or women as the technology is the same, the machine is the same, and the only thing that changes are the settings that are customized to your individual skin type and hair type to ensure a safe and effective treatment. 


Why Do Men Get Laser Hair Removal? 

Men have to deal with an excess amount of hair, and managing that hair can be a very annoying and time-consuming process. Luckily, men's laser hair removal takes manscaping out of your daily routine and helps to achieve an overall more polished look for you to focus on more important things. 

While there are other methods to temporarily reduce unwanted hair, including waxing or shaving, laser hair removal get to the root of the problem and offers permanent results with minimal discomfort. Common treatment areas for men include chest, back, shoulders, neck, and face. 


Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men:


  • Permanently Reduce Unwanted Hair 

    The most obvious benefit of laser hair removal for men is never having to shave or wax again, which can save time, money, and embarrassment. With laser hair removal you will see hair growing thinner and much slower in unwanted areas even after your very first time. 


  • Reduces Hair Thickness and Growth 

    A lot of men do not always just want to completely shave off and remove all their hair. Instead, a lot of men choose laser hair removal to thin out the hair making them finer and more spread out. Common areas that men chose to reduce hair thickness are on their backs and chest helping them feel more confident in their skin. 


  • Easier Grooming 

    Unlike women who shave or wax their body occasionally, many men take more time to shave their face every day to maintain a clean sharp look. With laser hair removal for men, you can maintain an even beard line and hairline without constantly having to shave or trim your hair. We use unique techniques for men on their faces to mix in normal hair growth patterns to achieve a natural trimmed look. 


  • Helps Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hair 

    One of the best benefits of laser hair removal for men is that you will no longer have to deal with ingrown hairs. This includes painful bumps on the groin, chest, and neck, where many men see ingrown hair immediately occur after shaving. Severe ingrown hairs can also result in hyperpigmentation and scarring, which is why laser hair removal treatments are the ideal option to help reduce and prevent ingrown hairs. 


  • Improves Hygiene 

    Men also choose laser hair removal to improve hygiene as there is less hair which reduces the itchiness and irritation that thick and dense hair can cause. These feelings of discomfort can be intensified in the heat and laser hair removal can help patients feel cooler and improve hygiene without breaking a sweat. 


  • Helps Even out Bald Spots

    Balding is just something a lot of men cannot avoid and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Today, many men are opting into getting laser hair removal and embracing baldness by treating the few hairs that are still growing to achieve a clean, even shaved look across their entire head rather than sporadic balding. 



Laser Hair Removal Results for Men

Most men will see hair reduction after the first laser hair removal session. However, on average it could take anywhere from 6 to 9 treatments to obtain ideal results. The beauty of our laser hair removal for men is that you will see results after each treatment as long as you stay consistent. Results and treatments do vary from person to person as some people have stronger hair follicles and genetics than others. 


How Often Should Men Get Laser Hair Removal

Like anyone else, men should get laser hair removal once every 4-5 weeks to ensure the laser targets the hair follicle at the right growth stage. Once an initial series of 6-9 treatments have been completed it is recommended to move into touch-up sessions to maintain results once every 3-4 months. 


Does Laser Hair Removal for Men Hurt? 

Although tolerance for pain is different for many people, especially those with sensitive skin, laser hair removal for men does not hurt as there is only a slight feeling of a snap on the skin for a very brief moment. Our lasers also are extremely fast and blast cold air on top of the skin to ensure there is minimal discomfort. If for some reason there is discomfort for you we recommend applying an OTC topical numbing cream 1 hour prior to your treatment to ensure you do not feel a single thing. 


Are There Risks to Laser Hair Removal for Men? 

Laser Hair Removal for men has been around for quite some time, and millions of treatments have been performed worldwide both in clinical trials as well as medical spas resulting in data that proves that laser hair removal is truly a safe and effective treatment for hair removal. The most common side effects include some slight skin redness and irritation after the treatment, along with some slight swelling that usually passes within 24 hours. 


Common Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas for Men 

The most popular laser hair removal treatment areas for men are the chest, stomach, back, bikini area, neck, buttock, and face. Many men don't just get laser hair removal to improve their sharp look, but to also reduce irritation from ingrown hairs as well as save time from constantly having to shave. 


Laser Hair Removal for Men: How to Prepare

Before deciding if laser hair removal is a treatment option for you we recommend setting up a free initial consultation for you to better understand how the process works. During the initial consultation, our technicians will examine your skin and hair type as well as perform a complimentary laser patch test so you can feel what it is like getting laser done on your skin. 

After your consultation, if you have decided to get laser hair removal done there are a few things you must do to prepare to ensure the best results for your upcoming first treatment: 

  • Make sure that the area you want to be treated is shaved 24 hours prior to your appointment, the closer the shave the better. 
  • Remove all makeup or deodorant on the day of your appointment if those are the areas getting treated 
  • Stay out of the sun for at least 3 days prior to your treatment and 3 days after 
  • Do not use self-tanner or spray tan products for at least 2 weeks before your treatment to avoid side effects.
  • Avoid waxing, threading, or tweezing in the areas you wish to get treated for at least 4 weeks. Shaving is the best as the hair follicle remains intact which is what the laser is targeting. 


Laser Hair Removal for Men: What to Expect & Do After


After the treatment, it is very common to experience some slight discomfort. Many people see redness and swelling in the area, especially within the first 2 hours after the laser treatment. Dead hair will begin to shed 6-30 days after your treatment. Keep in mind that the hair may appear as new hair growth but it is actually the remaining dead hair from the laser pushing its way out. 

To ensure the most effective results follow this aftercare: 

  • Do not apply any makeup, active skincare, deodorant, or any oils for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of dark spots for at least 1 week after your treatment. Use sunscreen at all times especially if you plan on tanning 
  • Avoid tight clothing, going to the gym, and intense heat/showers for at least 24-72 hours after your treatment as the skin is sensitive and this may lead to skin irritation 
  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin. To help remove stuck hairs gently use a scrub or exfoliating pad. Never tweeze or wax the hair when undergoing laser hair removal treatments, only shave or trim the hairs.


Why Choose Us? 

We are industry leaders and one of the most trusted names when it comes to laser hair removal for men. Performing thousands of treatments a year for our male clients, our team understands that unwanted hair is frustrating, especially having to constantly shave and wax back hair. Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair for men. Imagine looking forward to taking off your shirt and throwing away your razor. 

With the growing technology and effectiveness of laser hair removal for men more and more guys are going for the option of laser hair removal and choosing us as their trusted partner. Whether it is to remove unwanted hair or to simply upkeep a specific shape of your hairline, our professional staff at Aesthetic Allure will ensure that you are pleased with your treatments and feel extremely comfortable about the whole process.