Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis Skin
Tightening Treatment

Laser Genesis Treatment:

At Aesthetic Allure, the Laser Genesis facial is an effective treatment that eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin tone. This treatment genuinely promotes vibrant and healthy-looking skin by gently heating the dermis below the skin's surface and stimulating collagen production.



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Restores Skin Tone

Restores Skin Tone

Treats Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Treats Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Boosts Collagen Growth

Boosts Collagen Growth

Shrinks Pores & Scars

Shrinks Pores & Scars

Safe for ALL skin types

Safe for ALL skin types

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser skin tightening treatment that works to enhance collagen biosynthesis with the concept of thermal stimulation through the use of 1064nm wavelength laser. As there are many ways of stimulating collagen, studies have shown that laser genesis is the most effective in enhancing collagen when it comes to using heat, lasers, and non-invasive methods. Laser genesis achieves this by gently heating the dermis, which is below the skin's top surface containing elastin and collagen, without damaging the top layers of the skin.

The Laser Genesis laser device moves over the targeted area in a repetitive motion, creating a warming sensation that is comfortable and without pain. In addition to increased collagen production, the heat from the laser is known to help constrict blood vessels to help reduce redness and rosacea as well as kill bacteria under the skin that causes acne breakouts. 


The Laser Genesis Facial:

At Aesthetic Allure, the Laser Genesis Facial procedure begins with a professional skin cleansing. This will ensure your skin is free of any makeup, dirt, and oil that may come in the way of your treatment. Once the skin is prepped, a licensed laser technician will then begin the laser genesis facial by moving the laser handpiece back and forth across the face. As the laser handpiece glides over your skin, you will feel a warm sensation and the treatment will feel virtually painless and quite relaxing. 

Laser Genesis Top Benefits: 

1. Reverses Sun Damage

Damage from UV rays is one of the most common causes of premature aging. As years go by your skin is constantly exposed to the UV rays that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin which end of damaging skin cells affecting proper protein and melanin production. 

With laser genesis, the laser stimulates the development of new skin cells which contributes to restoring the health and youthfulness of sun-damaged skin. 

2. Restores Skin Tones & Texture 

Sun exposure, pigmentations, and other skin issues cause uneven skin tone and texture. 

The Laser Genesis facial treatment helps to achieve a smoother, even skin and texture by stimulating cellular turnover through thermal stimulation which creates a boost in the production of vital skin cells. 

3. Reduces Acne & Acne Scars 

Laser Genesis is known to be effective in reducing acne and inflammation by killing off acne-causing bacteria under the skin with thermal energy while also stimulating collagen to reduce the appearance of deep acne scars. 

4. Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

Laser Genesis works to get deep into the skin layers to treat fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating elastin and collagen fibers to regenerate and become stronger providing firmer support for the skin giving you a youthful glowing look. 

5. Decreases Pore Size 

As collagen production is boosted with the laser genesis treatment, this causes the skin to become firm and tight which also results in a reduction of pore size and irregular texture on the skin. 

6. Reduces Redness and Rosacea

Redness and Rosacea is a condition caused by dilated capillaries, resulting in an appearance of general redness and defined vessels. The most commonly affected areas are the nose, forehead, and cheeks. With laser genesis, the treatment constricts the dilated blood vessels on the face using heat, resulting in a reduction of redness and rosacea. 


Laser Genesis Results:

After the treatment, you will see healthier-looking skin along with reduced pores, facial redness, and fine lines, after a few days from the procedure and you will notice your full skin tone restored in 4-6 weeks. 

Since the treatment stimulates the body's self-healing properties you'll experience the maximum results approximately six months after the treatment and the result will improve over time. For optimal results, multiple laser genesis facial treatment sessions are recommended. 


How Many Laser Genesis Treatments Are Needed? 

On average, you may require 4 to 6 laser genesis treatments to achieve optimal results, however, patient conditions and results do vary from person to person. 


Side Effects of Laser Genesis: 

Although most patients report few if any side effects from the Laser genesis facial treatment, the most common is a slight redness that disappears within a few hours of the treatment. 


How Long is the Laser Genesis Facial? 

The laser genesis treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete depending on the size of the treated area. Most patients choose to get their face and neck treated. 


Does Laser Genesis Hurt? 

Laser Genesis facial treatments are non-invasive and produce no pain or discomfort. Many patients say the experience is similar to having the sun hit your face when you tan and find it actually pretty relaxing. 

If at any point you feel the heat from the laser genesis handpiece becoming too intense, our technicians can always easily adjust the device's settings to ensure a more comfortable treatment experience. 


Is Laser Genesis Safe? 

Due to the nature of the non-invasive technology of the laser genesis treatment, this treatment is known to be extremely safe and produces minimal side effects. With years of data and treatments performed from around the world, laser genesis treatment is known to be effective and safe for all skin types. The most common side effect reported is temporary redness immediately after the treatment which goes away within 24 hours. 


Laser Genesis Vs. IPL

Laser Genesis is a 1064 Nd:YAG true laser that is used to stimulate the production of collagen from deeper layers of the skin and because it is a long-wavelength laser, it can safely treat all skin types. IPL/Photofacial on the other hand is light-based, not laser-based, and targets only the epidermis. The fact that the IPL treatment treats only the top layer of the skin, runs into the risk of pigmentation and is absolutely not safe for darker skin tones. IPL technology is extremely outdated and there are more effective treatment options today such as the laser genesis treatment at Aesthetic Allure in Brooklyn. 


Laser Genesis Cost?

At Aesthetic Allure, the average cost of the laser genesis facial treatment is anywhere between $250-400 per treatment. Keep in mind that the range of the cost of the laser genesis treatment varies depending on the location of the area being treated as well as how many sessions might be required. 

For more accurate information and to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the laser genesis facial, we recommended setting up a free initial consultation at our Brooklyn office with our licensed estheticians to discuss everything in more detail and develop a custom treatment plan for you. 


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