Stem Cell Facial

Stem Cell Facial

Stem Cell Facial

WHAT IS IT: Our AnteAGE MD® Stem Cell facial uses Medical Grade Stem cell serum combined with microneedling to help regrow youthful skin.


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Amino acids & Peptides
Amino acids & Peptides Skincare powerhouse ingredients for skin rejuvenation
Biochemical Signals
Biochemical Signals Stem cells signal growth factors, anti-inflammatory, and immune cells
Collagen Synthesis
Collagen Synthesis Helps renew and reorganize collagen fibers
Epidermal Thickening
Epidermal Thickening Helps the skin regain youthful elastic properties
Smoother Skin
Smoother Skin Clinical appearance of smoother skin with less visible wrinkles
Protection Helps protect your skin from environmental and oxidative stress


Popular science these days is fascinated with stem cells. Stem cell science is indeed quite revealing about the natural process of healing from damage or disease, and you can read all about growing new organs and receiving stem cell injections with dramatic effects on recovery from trauma, heart attacks, spinal cord damage, and various organ failures. And, while we are still many years away from approved therapies to repair such major insults, the evidence is accumulating and irrefutable. The effects are indeed “amazing”, even to a cold hard scientific mind.


It is now known that one specialized population of stem cells is commander in chief of all tissue repair. These cells originate in the bone marrow and patrol the body via the vasculature. There is one particular population of stem cells, called mesenchymal stem cells, that has a special role in healing. When there is trauma or damage anywhere in the body.


AnteAGE MD a division of cellese created the most active ingredient Microneedling Solution. It is the industry-standard Growth Factor topical used during professional microneedling treatments. Using pure Stem Cell Growth Factors and Cytokines in a base of Hyaluronic Acid, the solution is created to be 100% compatible with skin physiology and synergistically enhance the biosignal response of Microneedling treatment. This combination is known as Stem Microneedling.