The Current Trend In Skincare Treatments


The Current Trend In Skincare Treatments

The Current Trend In Skincare Treatments

January 16, 2020

The Current Trend In Skincare Treatment

Trends come and go, and the same thing can also be said with the beauty market, with the few exceptions, of course. Still, the moving trend also means that innovations and technology are constantly improving that you gotta lookout for any breakthrough that is deemed to be worthy. And perhaps, making a stand as another beauty staple that you can consider. And for that, in 2020, expect a number of ingredients/approaches in skincare, that you can look out for.

Personalized Skincare

Unlike before when skincare products are marketed according to skin types, nowadays the approach in using such products are geared according to not just your skin type but also with specific skin issues that you might be having, and this can range from using existed products or the creation of new collection such as Skinsei and Atolla.

Customized skincare is all about providing in what your skin really needs and basically, you’ll be asked in a series of detailed questions to develop your skincare routine profile, and suggesting the most effective products and regimen, tailored for you. And pretty much, this is what we do in Aesthetic Allure, where beauty experts will consult you regarding any skin issues that you have and we create a strategy (or battle plan, if you will) for your skin.

Cbd-Based Products

Never thought of combining something that makes you high with something that you use every day, right? But hear me out; CBD-based products are getting traction and one of them in skincare products.

Long ago when you can expect such ingredients in traditional-looking tincture or balms, now we have CBD ‘laced’ in sophisticated products such as serums, lip balms and sunscreen.

But rest assured, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is not the same as the ingredient that makes you high (that’s THC) and in fact, multiple studies show promising results in the effectiveness of the ingredient when applied topically onto the skin. Not only it benefits health-related issues such as anxiety and insomnia, but CBD is also proven to be beneficial for skin concerns such as acne breakouts, wrinkles, and even eczema, due to potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Because of such benefits, we include it as part of the facial treatments offered right here*.

Chemical Peels In Skincare Products

You read that right. When we pretty much expect the use of AHA and BHA in chemical peels, now we have those ingredients in skincare products as well, through a gentler approach of chemical reaction, at the skin’s surface.

And yes, being a gentler form of chemical peels, the products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.