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Our Signature Facial.

Our classic & most popular facial. The Signature "Allure" Facial incorporates microdermabrasion, pure oxygen infusion, and professional topicals to help you achieve healthier-looking skin.

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Why Try Our Facial?

  • Expert Analysis.

    Our skin experts will analysis your skin to provide key information.

  • Custom Care.

    We will personalize your treatment according to your needs.

  • Real Results.

    Professional treatment of your skin, rather than just you and your mirror.

Signature Facial Treatment.

The Treatment.

With every signature facial, we make sure that you are in an atmosphere that is completely comfortable and catered to your desires. We curate the procedure to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that works to effectively impact your skin in a positive way. 

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Signature Facial Treatment.

The Process.

Our Signature Facial treatment is 1 Hour and includes:

  • Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion.
  • Pure Oxygen Infusion
  • Custom Topical Serum
  • Light Massage.
  • Facial Mask + LED-Light Treatment.
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What Other Clients Say...

A hidden gem in brooklyn.

  • Great facial & proffessional care.

    The staff at Aesthetic Allure is amazing. Kristina has helped me so much from the actual treatment to helping choose products to use at home.

  • My go-to facial spot for my family.

    My entire family comes here to get facials, starting from me and ending with my dad. Great staff and awesome service.

  • Relaxing and effective facial.

    Allure's lasers are very fast and truly effective. I have finished my package recently and couldn't be any happier.

Facial Treatment FAQ's

commonly asked questions about facial treatments.

Why Get a Facial.
What is a Facial Treatment? 

A facial is one of the best and easiest ways to take care of your skin at our facial spa, especially when it's given by an experienced esthetician who custom tailors the facial treatment to your individual skin type.

Generally speaking, a facial is a skincare treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, balances the pH of your skin, encourages new skin growth, and treats common skin concerns. A facial is a great way to recharge your skin and get rid of impurities while being able to relax and wind down at the same time. 

Why Get A Facial Treatment?

Beautiful and healthy skin requires a commitment, not a miracle. Though it's possible to achieve healthy skin at home, many people turn to skincare professionals when they need some help. Skincare products and at-home treatments and tools are just part of the equation, as expert facial treatments at our facial spa ensure safe and professional results. Getting a facial at Aesthetic Allure is not only good for your skin but is also good for your soul as our facials are super relaxing and allow your mind and body to enter pure bliss! 

Top Benefits of  A Facial.

1. Professional Cleaning of the Skin:

With a facial, you get the benefit of a professional cleaning your skin rather than you and your mirror, as an expert facial will cleanse your face much more thoroughly compared to what you do at home. Our skincare experts will ensure to dig deep into your skin to thoroughly clean your pores and professionally exfoliate the skin to reveal a natural glow. 

2. Detoxifies the Skin: 

With a professional facial, our skincare experts will use professional and effective products available only to use that work to detoxify the skin from any impurities or toxins from the environment that your skin has built up. 

3. Reduces Signs of Aging:

Our professional facials will help you accelerate the cell regeneration process. They also increase the production of collagen under the skin which helps achieve younger skin and reduce the sigs of stress and aging. 

4. Boosts Absorption of Products:

Have you noticed certain cosmetic products and serums not working or being properly absorbed into the skin? This is because your skin is rough, clogged, and has a build-up of dead skin cells. With a facial, your skin's ability to absorb topical products is increased and your skin becomes smooth and ready to absorb your newest serum. 


5. Improves Blood Circulation:

During a facial, we use professional massaging techniques to help improve blood circulation. As blood circulation improves, the skin cells begin to gain more oxygen and nutrients revealing a youthful glow. In addition to improving blood circulation, massaging the skin helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce any swelling on the face. 


6. Reduces Acne: 

It's impossible to avoid all the pollution and damage caused by the environment that lands on our face. With a professional facial, excessive oil is removed out from the skin, which causes the moisture and nutrient content in the skin to increase. The benefit of this is that the bacteria which causes the acne no longer has the perfect environment to grow and spread and end up slowly dying off and clearing the skin. 

7. Expert Knowledge: 

An expert facial is the best way to find out if your skin needs anything or how it is reacting to hormones, pollution, stress, and other products. A professional treatment can help you truly understand your skin. 


8. Increases Confidence: 

With beautiful and healthy skin comes staggering levels of confidence. Professional facials at Aesthetic Allure allow you to put your best face forward because when you look good, you simply feel good. 

The Treatment & Process.
Signature Facial Treatment Process.

With every signature facial, we make sure that our customer is in an atmosphere that is completely comfortable and catered to their desires. We curate the procedure to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that works to effectively impact your skin in a positive way. 

After your initial consultation and skin analysis, we use that information to assist us in developing a plan that is perfect for you to make better choices on how to go about treating your skin and optimizing the service we provide. Here is a list of common steps performed at our facial spa: 

1. Cleansing 
We massage a professional-grade cleanser into the face neck to remove any traces of makeup and dirt. 

2. Exfoliation 
To help remove any build-up of old and dead skin cells we professionally exfoliate the skin with either mechanical exfoliation or manual exfoliation with a peel or scrub. 

3. Extractions
Extractions are done to professionally clear pores that have been clogged with excess oil and dirt which is known to form blackheads and acne. 

4. Massage
To increase blood circulation and reduce swelling on the face, a facial massage if performed with every signature facial treatment. 

5. Custom Serum, Mask, & Light Therapy
What really sets us apart from other facial spas is that with every facial we offer a complimentary serum, mask, and LED light therapy to enhance the results of the face. 


Our facial is fit for all skin types ranging from oily complexions all the way to aging skin. Our team of skincare clinic professionals will effectively revitalize the look of the skin at our facial spa.


How Often Should You Get A Facial?

Clients get facials for many different types of reasons, some want those blackheads and clogged pores cleaned while others simply want to maintain a youthful look. These are all great reasons to get a facial, however, how often you should get a facial depends on a number of factors such as your specific skin concern and skin type.

Generally, it is recommended by skincare professionals that people receive a facial every 3 to 4 weeks as this is how long it takes for your skin to go through a full life cycle of skin cell growth and fully exfoliate. Think of getting a facial like going to the gym, to get results you need consistency and dedication. That is why staying consistent and getting a facial done every 3-4 weeks helps you keep the perfect glow all month long. 


Who Can Get A Facial?

Skincare is not a luxury, it's a necessity like taking care of any other part of the body, which is why a facial is perfect for just about anyone. Whether you are a teenager suffering from acne or a little bit older and simply just want to start taking care of your skin, a facial is a perfect option to get started with professionally taking care of your skin. An expert skin analysis will help determine the best facial type for you to get. 

Who Performs A Facial? 

A fully licensed and professional esthetician performs a facial treatment. Our staff at Aesthetic Allure facial spa are all licensed professionals from around the world who go through some of the best training and education to ensure they are up to date with the newest trends and techniques. Our staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will ensure you receive the best possible facial treatment at our facial spa. Under their experienced hands, your skin will be safe and free from any harm. 

Facial Side Effects? 

Facials are non-invasive and when done by a professional result in no downtime and rarely any side effects. With our custom-tailored facials, we work with you to best understand what your skin needs and what it does not need to ensure you a safe and effective treatment. Common side effects, which are rare, include increased sensitivity, redness, and irritation.  

What Are You Waiting For?

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