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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin.

The development long-pulsed ND:YAG lasers has revolutionized our ability to safely reduce hair growth on dark-skinned clients. At Aesthetic Allure, we specialize in laser hair removal for dark skin by custom-tailoring treatments for individuals with olive, light brown, or dark brown skin. 

Dark Skin Laser Hair Removal NYC

Laser Benefits.

  • Save Money

    No more wasted money spent on shaving or waxing supplies.

  • Save Time.

    Forget that Razor. Spend time on the more important things.

  • Easier Grooming.

    No more breaking your back in the shower. #Livehairfree

Dark Skin Laser.

Bikini + Under Arms

Whether you're looking for a Basic Bikini line or a Full Brazilian bikini – we’ll help you achieve it.

You’ll see ingrown hairs and dark shadows fade away revealing smooth flawless skin on common areas like the Under Arms & Bikini.

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin - Yag Laser Hair Removal
Dark Skin Laser.

Face Area

If you're looking to effectively remove facial hair while treating those pesky ingrown hairs, then YAG laser hair removal at Aesthetic Allure is the answer.

With the help of our advanced lasers allowing us to custom-tailor treatments to clients of darker skin tones you'll be sure to know that your treatments will not only be effective, but also safe.

ingrown hair removal laser treatment for dark skin, full face laser hair removal dark skin
Dark Skin Laser.

Legs Area

Get lasered, and stay smooth. With YAG Laser hair removal for dark skin tones at Aesthetic Allure, silky smooth legs that just feel right - are now a reality.

Laser Hair Removal for legs dark skin

Treatment Expectations.

EXPERT TIP: A minimum of 6 Treatment is reccomended for effective treatment

  • Session 1 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 1

    • See hair shed after 7-14 days
  • Session 2 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 2

    • Hair beings to regrow slower
  • Session 3 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 3

    • Hair regrowth becomes thinner & slower
  • Session 4 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 4

    • You may only need to shave once every 5-6 weeks
  • Session 5 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 5

    • Skin feels softer-hair follicles become smaller
  • Session 6 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 6

    • Ingrown hairs and shaving rashes are reduced
  • Session 7 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 7

    • Gaps between laser sessions begin to increase
  • Session 8 - Laser hair removal NYC

    Session 8+

    • Touch-Up sessions once every few months

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What Other Clients Say...

  • No irritation or side-effects....

    I am so happy with my treatments as I was worried that my skin tone would cause problems. Great place!

  • Fast treatments & good results...

    Allure's lasers are very fast and truly effective. I have finished my package recently and couldn't be any happier.

  • Amazing customer service...

    The staff is so professional and very accomodating. Ulyana does a great job with my treatments....

Laser For Dark Skin FAQ

commonly asked questions about laser hair removal for dark skin.

Treatment Process
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work For Dark Skin?

Unwanted hairs are a common problem for everybody and laser hair removal for dark skin did not exist for a very long time. Today, however, thanks to the growing focus and advances in laser technology, clients with darker skin tones can finally get effective and safe results with laser hair removal for dark skin. 

Before understanding how laser hair removal for dark skin works you need to understand the basic principle of true laser hair removal technology. In simple terms, lasers beam light at the hair follicle causing permanent damage so that the hair can no longer grow there. The laser targets melanin which is the pigment that gives your hair and skin color. Traditionally, light skin and dark-haired clients would be the best candidate as the contrast of color helps the laser focus but thanks to long-pulsed ND: Yag lasers, today we can effectively treat darker skin tones. 

Because laser light is absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles you can only use long-pulsed ND:Yag laser for hair removal in dark-skinned clients. ND:Yag technology has a weaker melanin absorption rate and longer wavelengths which make it a safer option to use on dark skin tones by selectively targeting the pigment in the hair follicle while preserving the surrounding skin. 

YAG Laser Hair Removal 

Have you always wanted to try laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair but didn't know if it would work for you? Have you heard that lasers cannot be used on dark skin? Well fear not, because laser hair removal can now be safely performed on darker skin tones with the right machine and expertise. 

The first and most important thing you need to know is how the Nd:Yag laser works on dark skin. Lasers use different wavelengths which indicate how far the laser will go into the skin. Each wavelength targets different parts of the skin and has completely different effects. For the safety of your skin, it is important to use the correct wavelength of the laser, especially for dark skin. There are three common wavelengths used for hair removal known as 755nm Alexandrite, 810nm Diode, and 1064nm Nd:Yag. The Nd:Yag laser works on dark skin by targeting the blood supply that is attached to the hair follicle to destroy it rather than the pigment on the hair itself. Yag basically bypasses the melanin in your skin which is why it is the safest and most effective wavelength for dark skin laser hair removal. 

How Many Laser Sessions with ND:YAG?

The effectiveness of laser sessions is directly dependent on the number of sessions and the consistency of your treatments. On average, a treatment series of anywhere between 6-9 consecutive laser treatments is the amount needed to truly see effective results. Once you get the desired results it is recommended to get touch-up sessions once every few months. 

Keep in mind that results vary from person to person as there are many different factors that go into the results such as hormones, medications, genetics, and lifestyle habits. During your initial consultation, you will go over everything to ensure effective results. 

How Often to Get Yag Laser Treatments? 

It is recommended to get your Yag laser hair removal treatments for dark skin once every 3-4 weeks. Once an initial set of 6-9 treatments have been completed you will move into touch-up sessions once every few months a year.

Why is Alexandrite Laser, Diode, and IPLNot Good for Dark Skin?

Diode lasers and IPL lasers simply do not work to remove hair and Alexandrite lasers are too focused on targeting melanin. If Alexandrite lasers are used on dark skin it will deliver heat way too fast to the skin and will lead to permanent skin damage. Remember that the Alexandrite laser focuses on melanin while the ND:Yag focuses on the blood supply around the hair to effectively destroy the hair follicle. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Dark Skin? 

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved Nd:Yag laser systems for laser-assisted hair removal in dark skin. When choosing to do laser hair removal for dark skin it is important to find the right machine and the right expertise. 

At Aesthetic Allure, using the latest and most advanced ND:Yag technology we specialize in hair removal for dark skin performing thousands of treatments a year to effectively remove unwanted hair for many dark skin clients to help achieve the look they want. 


Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt for Dark Skin? 

Laser hair removal for dark skin really does not hurt and most clients describe it as a slight pinch. It is common for laser hair removal for dark skin to feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning as the hairs are thicker and more energy is being absorbed by the skin. As you progress in your treatments the hairs will begin to be reduced leading to more comfortable treatments. We customize the settings for each and every single client to a level that is comfortable and effective. 

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Side Effects? 

Laser hair removal for dark skin is safe and effective when done with the right machine and by a professional with experience. Very rare, but possible laser hair removal side effects for dark skin include: mild swelling around the hair follicles, slight redness of the skin, and temporary irritation resulting in blistering or changes in skin texture. 

Darker skin types tend to be more sensitive than lighter skin tones. So it is very important that you use the right laser for your skin tone. If the wrong laser or wavelength is used your skin may get burned or lead to discoloration. 

Why Choose Us?

It is important to mention that some places that advertise laser hair removal services are really using IPL machines-the same outdated technology found in most at-home devices which simply do not work. IPLs are not true lasers and should never be used on darker skin tones as it may lead to burns and complications

At Aesthetic Allure, we have invested in having the right equipment when it comes to laser hair removal for dark skin to not compromise your safety and to protect your skin. In addition to having the most advanced technology we also perform thousands of treatments a year specializing in dark skin. We're qualified and experienced laser experts and will ensure our team will make you feel comfortable while getting effective laser treatments for dark skin. 

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