CBD Facial

CBD Facial
The Ultimate Form of Relaxation & Self-Care

CBD Facial

WHAT IS IT: Our Exclusive CBD facial partnered with The CBD Skin Care Co. ™ provides the benefits of our signature facial alongside the amazing benefits of CBD for the skin


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Great for Acne
Great for Acne CBDs soothing effects can help minimize breakouts and decrease redness
Great for Sensitive Skin
Great for Sensitive Skin substantial skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects
Great for Wrinkles
Great for Wrinkles CBD contains antioxidant properties that can assist in the visible signs of aging on the skin
Great for Dry Skin
Great for Dry Skin CBD applied to the affected site helps heal broken and cracked skin
Antibacterial CBD is active against bacteria that are often responsible for many serious infections
Super Hydrating
Super Hydrating Hemp oil contains a variety of healthy fatty acids that provide extra moisture for skin

Why CBD?

The benefits of CBD oil are increasingly recognized by the medical industry. Moreover, its cosmetic properties are no exception, with several qualified dermatologists acknowledging its benefits. Studies indicate that CBD “can help the skin look more radiant and youthful and as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits on the skin.” Thus it has the ability to calm any rashes that you might be having and should help control free radical formation in your skin.



1. Our Signature Facial
(Diamond Microdermabrasion, Facial Massage, & Deep Pore Steam Cleanse)

2. CBD exfoliation & Cleanse
(Our CBD cleanser gently exfoliates the skin & accelerate the natural skin renewal process)

3. CBD Anti-Aging Mask
(Our 3-in one CBD mask works to heal, lift, and firm the skin)

(LED Light therapy used to squelch pimples and reduce signs of aging)



So what, exactly, will a CBD facial do for you?

Well, as asserted, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have already been acknowledged by the experts. As a result, it is used to treat a high number of common skin complaints such as:

- Fighting pimples
- Fighting inflammations,
- Smoothing out wrinkles
- Alleviating dry skin.


Of course, some assert that the benefits of a CBD facial extend beyond merely cosmetic – for instance, a CBD facial can also clear your mind as well as working miracles on your face. CBD is already gaining ground as a form of anxiety treatment, and there is no denying its professionally recognized benefits for the skin.



How Many Treatments Will I Need to Enjoy and See the Benefits of CBD?

You would not take a multivitamin only once, right? CBD works in the same way. Like any other health or skin supplements, CBD oil and beneficial cannabinoids it provides requires repeated treatment to start the healing process.

Will I get “HIGH”?

As anyone who has used CBD, or cannabidiol, can likely tell you, this stuff has nothing to do with getting you high – it’s the THC that’s responsible for that. Instead, CBD draws upon the other properties of cannabis – its rejuvenating, healing properties. The CBD SKINCARE CO. provides skincare products that deliver a potent delivery of CBD leaving you feeling awake, rejuvenated, and more awake!


Side Effects?

Also, perhaps best of all, the risks and side effects of CBD skin treatment are MINIMAL. As mentioned, CBD does not contain the components of cannabis that cause highs. As a result of this, it is non-addictive, cannot be overused or overdosed on, and poses no known risk to those in a vulnerable condition medically. Moreover, at least as far as we know, CBD never results in allergic reactions.



So why exactly did we choose this company over the many new CBD skin care companies out there? The biggest reason is that The CBD Skin Care Company is not your average skin care company. Transparency is the bedrock of their purpose and mission. They believe in the healing properties in CBD oil, and they prioritize ingredient transparency. By carefully infusing each of their CBD products with high-quality American harvested CBD oil, they are able to ensure product quality from start to finish. Working with The CBD Skin Care Company we were able to create this exclusive facial for our customers to enjoy the benefits of their certified organic CBD derived from the purest and most potent hemp plants in the world.