How to Remove Black Spots on the Face


How to Remove Black Spots on the Face

How to Remove Black Spots on the Face

November 09, 2021

While they weren’t always present, you find that there are a number of dark spots on the face and the neck. Most of the time, you forget about them, but they are the first thing you notice whenever you look in a mirror. Even with makeup, you can still tell they’re present.

This has led you to wonder how to get rid of black spots safely and with ease. In fact, there are several different approaches that you can consider. That’s good news since it means if the first thing you try seems to have no effect, you can go for a different solution. Here are some of the more popular approaches that are worth investigating. One of them is sure to work in your case.

What Causes Dark Spots on the Face?

In order for dark spots to appear on the face and neck, a condition known as hyperpigmentation must develop. This condition occurs when something causes the skin to begin producing an excessive amount of melanin. The issue is that the production is not even across your entire face and neck. That results in some areas becoming darker than others.

What can trigger hyperpigmentation? In some cases, it occurs as part of the aging process. There is also come evidence that sunburns may lead to this type of activity. Scarring can also cause this to happen. There is also some evidence that inadequate levels of vitamin B12 in the body can eventually cause the spots to appear.

A hormone imbalance may also be the underlying cause of the sudden increase in melanin production. Before assuming this is the case, it’s important to see a medical professional and have your levels tested.

Inflammation caused by some previously undetected health issues could be the root of the issue. In this scenario, the dark spots are serving as a sign that you have a condition that needs some sort of treatment. Typically, dark spots are not signs of life-threatening conditions, but you do want to undergo some testing to be sure.

While the spots are not usually considered attractive, it’s important to understand they are different from other types of blemishes that may appear. They are not signs of some developing health issues, such as skin cancer. Even so, there’s a good chance that you want to learn how to get rid of dark spots on your face and restore your skin to its former appearance.

Reasons Why You Would Want to Get Rid of Them

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to get rid of dark spots that have appeared on the face and neck. Most of the have to do with concerns about appearance and how others might perceive those spots.

For some, the focus is solely on having to see the spots every morning in the mirror. Since they were not always there, they stand out in comparison to other facial features that the person has lived with for years. Those spots tend to be an irritation that makes getting ready in the morning more of an aggravating task. Removing them would help make looking in the mirror less of a chore.

Others may be less concerned about what they see in the mirror and more with how the spots tend to be a distraction in social settings. They may notice people spend more time looking at the spots than they do on listening to what the person has to say. This can lead to some awkward encounters that take the fun out of being around other people.

There’s also the possibility that the spots seem to interfere with work. That’s especially true for people who work closely with the public. Coworkers are likely to get used to the spots over time, but customers that come and go may be put off by the spots. In this type of scenario, the dark spots become an obstacle on the job.

Whatever the reason for wanting the spots to go away, it’s important to know there are ways to deal with them. The trick is to find the method that seems to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.

Considering Traditional Remedies for Clearing Dark Spots

There’s an abundance of folk remedies that are said to help fade dark spots and possibly help them go away. Some people swear by them, and may even mention that they help the skin in other ways. In some cases, there may be some controlled studies that indicate there is some truth to those claims. At other times, the evidence in support of a folk remedy tends to be more anecdotal than scientific.

If you’re asking a nutritionist “how can I remove dark spots naturally?”, the answer may be to have your vitamin B12 levels tested. If they are low or even on the low end of the normal range, the recommendation may be to increase your intake of B12. This can be done with supplements or adding foods like beef, liver, fish, and chicken. Eggs are also a possibility. Fortified milks and cheeses may also help on this front.

With the permission of a physician, you may also be a candidate for B12 injections. These can be helpful in the short term, but there’s some difference of opinion on if they will hasten the disappearance of the dark spots.

Folk remedies also include preparing facial masks that include a variety of ingredients. Most of the can be found in the pantry or purchased in a health food store. One possibility is preparing a mask that includes the use of aloe vera gel, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and honey. The idea is to ensure the mask is thick enough to remain in place long enough to nourish the skin and trigger a more even melanin production.

Scrubs are also a recommendation that may come your way. These are also likely to include ingredients like sea salt while also including elements like fresh lemon juice and chicken fat. The idea is to clear the pores of any oil or grime that may be present while also supplying the skin with nutrients that help equalize melanin production. If successful, the skin should take on a more even hue.

Some of the folk remedies are simple approaches that involve using a single element. This may include ideas like refrigerating a potato, cutting it in half, and then using a half to rub over the dark spots. This is said to be helpful if you do it twice a day for a week.

Other one-ingredient solutions call for the use of lemons. Like the potato, cut the lemon in half and rub the juice and the pulp directly into the dark spots. Repeat the process twice a day for several days. Do lemons clear dark spots? Some say yes, while others report no success.

Checking into the Effectiveness of Over the Counter Products

There are also a number of over the counter products that may be used to help get rid of dark spots. Many of them can be found in pharmacies or health food stores. You can also buy them from a number of sites online.

It’s not unusual for a dark spot remover to be the form of an ointment or cream. If you look at the ingredients, there’s likely to be some vitamin B12 included. You’ll also find other ingredients that are considered helpful in healing skin blemishes and restoring proper hydration.

You may find that the dark spot corrector is applied at night after thoroughly washing the face. Others are clear and recommended for application before leaving the house in the morning. While some may call for application more than once a day, many are formulated to require a single application every twenty-four hours.

Some help to function as a concealer as well as a dark spot cream. These are available in several different hues, making it easier to match your natural skin tone. The goal with these products is to make the spots less noticeable as the formula helps to lighten the spots permanently.

Many of these products come in larger containers and are suitable for keeping in a medicine cabinet or on a vanity. There are also products that come in small tubes; these are idea for keeping in a desk drawer at work, or carrying in a pocket or purse. That makes it all the easier to apply some of the product when you’re on the go.

Considering the Idea of Seeing a Skin Specialist

The reality is that folk remedies and over the counter products don’t always work. That’s because there may be more than one cause for the dark spots. When this is true, it may take a combination of stronger treatments to normalize the melanin production and help your skin regain it’s usual appearance. That’s something you should do under the care of a skin specialist like a dermatologist.

One of the first things that the specialist will want to do is conduct a full examination and run a few tests. The goal is to determine the nature of the dark spots and identify any factors that contribute to the condition. For example, there may be excess oil that has contributed to the situation as well as increased melanin production. If so, the process for treating the dark spots will involve more than one type of treatment.

Depending on what the dermatologist finds during the examination, there may be several tips to remove dark spots provided that you can try. If you’ve already tried any of those, make sure to mention that to the dermatologist. Any information that you can provide will make it easier to come up with the best possible solution.

Keep in mind that the final course of treatment may involve undergoing some type of non-invasive procedure in the office along with applying some kind of cream at home. Unlike the over the counter products that you’ve already tried, the specialist will proscribe something that’s stronger. By following the usage instructions to the letter and continuing timely treatments in the spa or clinic, you should begin to notice the dark spots fading in a short time.

Having an Idea of How Long It Will Take to Get Rid of the Black Spots

Along with learning how to clear dark spots on face, you will also want to have some idea of how long it will take to get rid of them permanently. There is no one answer that applies in all cases. A lot depends on why you have the spots in the first place.

Before you will notice any change, the dark spot treatment process will need to help eliminate the underlying causes for the spots. That means if the cause was due to sunburn, the skin will need to be re-hydrated and the collagen level restored to a normal range before the spots will begin to fade.

The same is true if the issue developed because of a vitamin deficiency. In the case of B12, this is a water-soluble nutrient that’s stored in the liver. When your levels are severely depleted, it may take time to rebuild those reserves. You’ll begin to see the spots fade as the liver’s supply of B12 regains a healthy range once again.

That being said, is there a reasonable estimate of the amount of time it will take to get rid of the spots? In most cases, you will see some improvement and maybe a complete elimination of the dark spots within six months. Other situations may require ongoing treatments for a period of a year before the spots are completely gone.

There’s no reason why you have to deal with dark spots on your face. While it may take time to treat your condition, rest assured there is a solution. Whether it turns out to be a home remedy, an over the counter dark spot remover for face, or a treatment by a dermatologist, the answer is out there.

Contact us today and let’s talk about the black spots you want to remove. Schedule a consultation and a full examination. Once we complete the exam, it will be easy to set up a series of treatment that help to get rid of the spots.